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  • Water Matters to Us in Shelburne, Hinesburg and Charlotte

    Posted by Posted on Thursday, 27 Apr 2017 11:38 PM


     A group of about seventy citizens and town officials from Hinesburg, Charlotte and Shelburne gathered at the latest Water Matters event Thursday March 30 at the Hinesburg Town Hall.

    “The purpose of the Water Matters series is to raise awareness about LaPlatte River watershed pollution concerns among the three towns who share it,” says Jean Kiedaisch, a member of Responsible Growth Hinesburg, one of the event co-sponsors along with Lewis Creek Association and the Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission.

  • Mayfest at the Lake Champlain Waldorf School

    Posted by Posted on Sunday, 16 Apr 2017 03:51 PM


     Mayfest: Saturday, May 6, 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. at the Lake Champlain Waldorf School, 359 Turtle Lane, Shelburne.

    Join us for our annual outdoor celebration of spring, created specially for children ages six and under and their families. Enjoy maypole dancing with live music, pony rides, face painting, flower crown making, and other fun activities for children. Farmers and Foragers and other vendors will offer local and organic food and you are welcome to bring a picnic. 

  • Aikido - A Modern Martial Art

    Posted by Posted on Saturday, 08 Apr 2017 02:20 PM

    Talk and Demonstration April 13 in Bristol


    Aikido holds a unique place among the forms of martial arts. Although it in-cludes the lineage of ancient martial art forms, Aikido was developed in Japan in the twentieth century. Aikido practitioner and instructor Linda White will discuss and demonstrate this non-violent martial art form on Thursday, April 13 from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m. at the Lawrence Memorial Library in Bristol. This free event is hosted by the One World Library Project. 

  • Green Mountain Transit Begins Testing a BYD Battery-electric Transit Vehicle

    Posted by Posted on Saturday, 08 Apr 2017 02:10 PM


    On March 29, Green Mountain Transit (GMT) began testing a 40-ft battery-electric transit bus in revenue service. The bus, manufactured by BYD, is the first of its kind operating in transit service across the nation. It utilizes BYD’s proprietary Iron-Phosphate battery, produces zero emissions, and boasts a 160 mile range on a single charge. The battery-electric transit vehicle will be used throughout GMT’s transit system, including some LINK Express runs. Passengers can expect the ride to be similar to the buses in the current local bus fleet. The exception being that the BYD bus is not equipped with a fare box and will operate fare free!

  • Friends of Families Spring Kids’ Clothing and Book Swap - April 8

    Posted by Posted on Wednesday, 05 Apr 2017 03:35 PM


    This popular FREE event is for anyone seeking children's clothing and books. The swap will be held at Hinesburg Town Hall on Saturday, April 8, 9--10:30 a.m.

    To ensure another successful swap, donate all gently-used children's clothing, sized infant to 14 and children's books, toddler to middle-school level. Drop off clothing and books at Hinesburg Town Hall on Friday, April 7, noon to 8 p.m., (no toys and no drop-offs on the day of the swap, please!). This is a great way to do your spring wardrobe switch, get new sizes for your own kids and pass on some clothing to friends and neighbors.

    The swap is sponsored by Hinesburg Community Resource Center's Friends of Families Program.

    Swap FAQ

    Q: How does it work?

    A: Donate as many gently used items as you want on April 7 (items will not be accepted on swap day). Volunteers will sort clothing by size and gender. We don't assign dollar values or tally up what you drop off. Participants in the swap can pick whatever they need for their families on April 8.

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The artist community in Hinesburg is alive and well. In fact, it’s positively thriving. The variety of styles and mediums, the spectrum of subject matters, and the sources of inspiration distinguish the work artists in Hinesburg produce. As for the artists themselves, well there is their incredible talent, energy, and skill for one thing. And then there are the unique and varied backgrounds from which our artists come. Most incredible of all is that our little town seems to be a sort of mecca for artists – per capita we seem to be exploding with artistic talent.

You can share in this explosion! Check out each artist below. Play our Guess the Artist Contest and win $100! Visit artist websites given at right. You can even visit the artists! Open Studio Weekend comes to our community each May, and the dates this year are May 27 and 28. Some of our artists will be participating, so please feel free to visit them and share the explosion in person! For more information click here .

Without further preamble, let the Explosition begin!

Antonio Pezzimenti

Abandoned Apple Orchard

Artist’s Statement: “I am a graduate of Syracuse University, College of Fine Art. Since 1960, I have been a practicing artist and art director in the advertising field and corporate communications. During my early years in New York City (or the so called ’Mad Men’ years), I was fortunate to be involved in a major change in advertising. This period marked a time when artist and copy writers teamed up to combine visual creativity and successful written communication.

“Like many commercial artists, the desire to focus on fine art has always been my goal. In addition to painting, I enjoy sculpturing in clay and soft stone. My inspirations come from traveling, and spending time in the outdoors. The artists who have most influenced my art are John Singer Sargent, Winslow Homer, Robert Bateman, Ogden Pleissner, Ted Kautzky, Morton Solberg, and Nita Engels.

“I have exhibited in Florida and New England, and work in a variety of mediums, but prefer to work in watercolor.

“I find watercolor challenging, as it allows me the freedom and spontaneity to arrive at a concept or a moment of empathy with my subject. I am not a genre painter, but prefer to paint my surrounding life. Whatever the subject, I seek to express and share my vision of its inherent beauty and excitement. Though I work in a realistic approach, the overall abstract design or composition is very important to my final statement. I like my work to be a combination of hard and soft edges, keeping my interpretation fluid and thus challenging the viewer to become a participant.”

Antonio F. Pezzimenti
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Connie Lavallee 

Along Lewis Creek

Artist’s Statement: “I have loved drawing and painting since childhood.  I enjoy trying to portray subject matter both realistically and some with ’artistic license’ working primarily with acrylic, pastels and mixed media.

“In my mixed media work. I take my cue from nature and make it "imperfect."  There’s no mystery to what my work depicts, I just try to make it a little less perfect.

“It is said that an artist does not know when a piece is done. By taking an imperfect approach to my representations, it can be ’done’ whenever I want it to be.

“My hope is that we will not make nature itself less perfect.

“I use as many recycled materials as possible when creating my original mixed media work. In addition, I use plaster and acrylic paint to create bas relief on Masonite and three-dimensional papier-mâché sculptures.

“Mat board pieces are cut into abstract shapes and layered along with plaster to create form, texture and dimension. I then use acrylic paint to effect a somewhat abstract interpretation of the subject matter. 

“My inspiration comes from nature, slightly pushing the envelope of reality therefore creating a non-traditional familiarity.

“I attended The Art Students League in New York.  I live in Hinesburg, Vermont with my husband, Ron, and operate Blue Heron Art and Framing.  Me and my husband Ron gave up the city live a number of years ago, and have loved living in Hinesburg since 2001. 

Click here for my website.”

Connie Lavallee
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Diane Snelling 

Musical Memory

Artist’s Statement: “I’m grateful for the opportunity to share these painting drawings with you. After being away for a few years, I returned to Vermont in 1983, and have lived in Hinesburg since then. I found my dream house here, and never want to leave.

“To consider making art is the ultimate optimism, but it also requires risk and responsibility. There’s no guarantee that art will ever be viewed as intended. The responsibility is to continue making what might be art, and enjoy the variability of the interpretations. Good or bad, after many years, I’m enjoying the insights that come from practice over time. As Henry Miller, the writer, and watercolor painter, once said, ’Paint as you like, and die happy.’"

Diane Snelling
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Fiona Cooper Fenwick 

Gaelics Garden

Open Studio Weekend Participant

Artist’s Statement: “I am a landscape painter, working primarily in oil. It is the landscape that inspires me. I primarily paint plein air – out in the open air. I go out painting as soon as it is warm enough, and paint well beyond when it’s too cold. In the winter, I am mostly in the studio finishing paintings, working from studies, and experimenting with process and technique.

“But, there is nothing quite like being outside, looking and listening, taking in the air and feeling the day, and then translating that onto canvas. I can paint the same place many times and it will always be different, and I am always on the lookout for a view I’ve never seen before. I am mostly inspired by the beauty of the everyday. Finding a place that may feel very ordinary – like a field one might pass every day, a structure in the landscape, or even the sky above. With only a short time to catch the moment, they all have a story to tell. It is within these spaces and moments that I focus on the light, the composition and the atmosphere to create a painting. And it is these elements that make a painting sing. To stand in the world, and just take real notice of where I am, is the greatest gift. I feel fortunate to call painting my life’s work.”

Fiona Cooper Fenwick

Gloria Reynolds 

Deep in Thought

Artist’s Statement: “Painting is an extension of myself ... my personality, inner feelings, and conflicts are reflected in the finished work. Each piece involves emotion, sensitivity, balance, color, and movement.

“I strive to make an honest statement. The painting may result in an abstract interpretation, a representational image, or be totally non-objective.

“As the sole judge of my work, I am not bound by convention and am therefore free to explore reality on an intuitive level.

“Painting is groping for answers to things dimly sensed ... a searching for myself.

“I have work on display at the Public House in Hinesburg, and I am the featured artist at the Charlotte Senior Center in May.

“I’ve lived in Hinesburg for 21 years. I am a Louisiana native.”

Gloria Reynolds
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Helen Nagel 

Early Snow

Artist’s Statement: “In 1998, when my husband and I were transferred overseas, we decided to make Hinesburg our permanent home. My father is a fourth-generation Vermonter, and as a child I frequently visited Vermont no matter where my father was working. I dreamed of living in this beautiful place and painting it.

“We have lived in Egypt; London; and Washington, D.C. In London, I took the opportunity to further study art history and fine art, especially oil painting. The more I have traveled, the more I love Vermont.

“There is a poignant beauty in old buildings being un-built by nature. Nothing we see is permanent. These structures and the ever-changing seasons are a continuing inspiration to me and are reminders of the moment. When I can express what I see and feel, it is very rewarding.

“I continue to study art to improve my work including copying paintings at the National Gallery of Art. But I especially love getting out with my friends and painting in Vermont’s fields.”

Helen Nagel

Jean Masseau  

Acadia Island

Artist’s Statement: “Drawing has been the foundation for all of my art pursuits since I was old enough to hold a pencil. Some of my earliest memories are of sitting at the window by our family’s birdfeeder patiently waiting for and drawing birds; eventually adding nests and delicate, discarded robins’ eggshells to my ’portfolio.’ I continue to draw inspiration from nature and my immediate environment: a shard of late light on a nearby meadow, a neighbor at work on their farm, a boat bobbing on Lake Champlain, or a flower or pattern found in the garden.

“I attended UVM and graduated from Rhode Island School of Design with a BFA in Illustration and special interest in photography, printmaking, and textiles. I have combined a career in teaching art with drawing, painting, and illustrating for a variety of clients including books and magazines. I began my career as a full-time art teacher at South Burlington High School; writing curriculum for their fledgling art program before becoming a freelance illustrator. I continued to teach classes in my studio, for College of the Atlantic’s Summer Institute (Bar Harbor, Maine), RISD’s Continuing Education program, and a variety of classes for local organizations including UVM’s OLLI program and Friends of the UVM Horticulture Farm. I currently teach Drawing and Painting Botanicals in the Plant and Soil Science Department at UVM.

“I work primarily in transparent watercolor, gouache (opaque watercolor), and pencil (graphite and colored pencil) with a strong interest in botanical themes, landscapes, and portraiture from life. I love the adventurous aspect of drawing people from life, and the observation – sharpening the effect it has on my artistic vision.

“Moving to Hinesburg with my husband, Vince, in 1978 proved to be a wise choice, with its proximity to Lake Champlain, the mountains, and because of the positive sense of community we found here. Guests are invited to visit my studio and ’Little Barn’ gallery by appointment to see drawings, paintings, giclée prints, illustration, and photography.”

Jean Masseau

Len Duffy 


Artist’s Statement: “My wife Carolyn and I moved from Washington, D.C. to a partially winterized camp in Hinesburg in 1972, with a one-year-old and another on the way. I started an architecture firm and she began teaching at St. Michael’s College. We moved to our present farm on Silver Street in 1978, and have watched Hinesburg evolve around us.

“I have been sketching and drawing since I was a toddler, and have always been interested in creative pursuits, but I didn’t take up painting until I was in my fifties. Although, with a number of other interests including my invention business, Chittenden Research and Development, I never seem to be able to find enough time; painting is where I go whenever possible. My favorite subjects include people in conversation, reimagined historical events and commentary, and abstracted architectural images – particularly the barns of Vermont.”

The Milk Cycle

Len Duffy
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Loy Harrel  

Pair of Amur Leopards

Artist’s Statement: “I am a retired physician who has resided in Hinesburg since 1973 and built my present home in 1979. Inspired by the wonderful creative art that I see daily by my wife and fellow artist Rae Harrel, and for the sake of finding something worthwhile that would be satisfying personally, I turned to painting. Rae has always urged me to follow this course. She has seen several sketches I had done and said I had ’hidden talent.’ So off I went. 

I have directed my energy into painting wild animals. All my paintings are 24 x 36, and for some unknown reason I have not deviated from this approach. They are also acrylic on canvas. I wanted my subjects to be ’bigger than life’ and for the viewer to feel an intimacy with the subject. I determined that the eyes were the most important aspect of my subjects. As such, each animal has eye contact with the viewer and hence an intimate relationship. Each painting also has the Loy Harrell ’logo,’ i.e. a depiction of either the sun or moon on each canvas. At the present time, there are four of my works displayed at the Paisley Hippo. I did a special painting of a ’Nile Hippo’ for the deli. I also have a rotating painting on display at the Hinesburg Merchants Bank where my latest painting ’Pair of Amur Leopards’ can be seen.”

Loy Harrel
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Marian Willmott

Late Light

Open Studio Weekend Participant

Artist’s Statement: “I received an MFA in painting in 1987 from Goddard College and the Vermont Studio Center, working with oil paints, primarily focused on landscapes. About ten years ago I took a break from painting and started working with monoprints, enjoying their exploratory and experimental nature. Around this time I also began writing poetry which I continue to do today. I have returned to painting, recently painting from the model, both portraits and figures, along with painting the landscape. My aim is to paint directly and intuitively, responding to the essence of the subject. My studio is my sanctuary – a place to lose myself and connect to nature’s energy.

“My work can be seen in various venues throughout Vermont, and at my studio in Hinesburg during Vermont Open Studio Weekend in May or by appointment and online.”

Marian Willmott This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Miriam Adams  

Piece of Mind

Artist’s Statement: “A deep love of drawing, its rhythms and sinuous lines, is the basis for my work as an artist. Drawing is a way to see, understand, react to, and communicate with the world, with life. It is my signature, my way to remember the past and move forward.

“The drawings are in graphite and watercolor on paper, a simple and direct technique allowing for a subtle play of line and color. Although the work is realistic in style, it is abstract in concept.

“More than forty years ago I moved to Hinesburg for one year, and have never left. It has proven a peaceful place to live and work, and has enhanced my appreciation and valuation of the natural world. However, rather than work with the vastness of landscape, I focus in closely on my subjects in order to create an intimacy, a heightened awareness, that expands perceptions. Images from nature such as flowers, leaves, wood, and feathers are often juxtaposed with items such as ribbons, gloves, or tools. Words, thoughts, or poems are sometimes introduced in a continuing search to express ideas and experiences.

“The drawings have been exhibited mainly in the Northeast, particularly in Vermont, New York, and Boston. Locally, the work can be seen at Furchgott Sourdiffe Gallery in Shelburne and at my website.”

Miriam Adams
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Rae Harrell

Around the Bend

Artist’s Statement: “Art has been one the most gratifying areas of my life, as it has always brought me joy. I have worked in many mediums and love them all. Although I have studied with many known artists, I am unschooled in the traditional sense. I feel my work comes from within.

“Color excites me and comforts my artistic nature. I can immerse myself in my work and the pallet becomes my only reality.

“My work consists of very large and small works. I focus on what is occurring in my life at that time. Much of the work is meditative, I use mandalas as my primary design surrounded by my interior visions. I do portraiture, abstracts, some representational, and many with no names that I make up on the spot. I work with paint, wood, fabric and other fibers, found objects, and anything interesting that I come across.

“I am showing permanently at Public House, in Hinesburg. at the Innovation Center in Burlington, and I will be the featured artist in the month of June at the Charlotte Senior Center.”

Rae Harrell
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Sally Merring Reiss

Trees Dressed in Red

Artist’s Statement: “I arrived in Vermont from central New York in 1972. After a bit of back and forth I settled in Vermont in 1976 after getting a teaching job in Burlington. Chuck and I moved to Hinesburg in 1983.

“Some of my earliest recollections in life involve my hands being used in a creative pursuit. I clearly recall the deep satisfaction that brought me as a child. I find that same satisfaction as I work creatively today. Whether it is gardening, cooking, rug hooking, or painting, I find a deep sense of peace when I am able to express myself in any of the many ’art’ forms available to me. I find painting to be particularly engrossing. I gravitate towards landscapes and other subjects from nature. I feel a connection with the beauty we have around us in Vermont and elsewhere, and enjoy finding ways to interpret them on canvas. I have always been fascinated by the variations of light and shadow upon the ever-changing landscape. The colors and shapes created by the interplay of light have been a source of great inspiration. The emotion sevoked by these combined elements are what I hope to convey in my work.”

Sally Merring Reiss

Sandy Rivkin


Artist’s Statement: “I grew up in Connecticut, started drawing and painting while very young and had many lessons and experiences with excellent artists and teachers. I entered college as a pre-med student for medical art but soon switched over to painting and went to art school in New York City where I also worked as a jacquard fabric designer for many years.

“We arrived here in 2008 after selling our farm in Virginia, coming to Hinesburg where my daughter and her family lived. No longer having a large farm to take care of, I decided to go back to painting.

“Early on I did mostly watercolors and then oils, but then I married, had children, and did not paint at all for a very long time. In spite of the kids (three of them) I started to do scientific/biological illustrations and still do. I illustrated many books and freelanced for Princeton University Press and other publishers. Recently my emphasis has been on endangered species and the drawings of the green sea turtle and other species I did have been made into cards as an educational project.

“I have started painting again (very limitedly) and some of the paintings are now hanging up in the conference room at the Hinesburgh Public House. Painting has been challenging after the precise illustration work and it has taken me time to loosen up. (’Weeds’ did it the best.)"

Sandy Chichester Rivkin
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Kevin Lewis is layout tartist, president and Chief Person in Charge of Himself at The Hinesburg Record. Sometimes he thinks he can write stories; please don’t humor him in this regard. About this story, every effort was made to discover and contact every artist in our community. If you or someone you know has been omitted, it was not intentional. Please reach out to Kevin at 802-999-2410 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


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