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About Us

The Hinesburg Record is published by the Hinesburg Record Inc., a 501(c)4 non-profit corporation. Most of the work of publishing the Record–writing, editing, photography, advertising sales, design, layout, and distribution–is done by volunteers. The Record was founded in 1987 by June Giroux and Frankie Birdsall, as a mimeographed newsletter. Still our managing editor, June remains a guiding presence. Although we've grown over the years, we've never changed our basic mission: chronicling Hinesburg news and events for Hinesburg residents.

Our staff consists of:

Lisa Dillon Beliveau: Advertising and Billing Coordinator, Secretary

Mary Jo Brace: Finance Officer, Treasurer

June Giroux: Managing Editor, Board Member

Mona Giroux: Subscription Coordinator

Jean Isham: Business News

Kevin Lewis: Layout, Photo Editing, President

Pat Mainer: Calendar Editor

Ray Mainer: Circulation Coordinator

Doreen Patterson: Copy Editor

Rachel Lapidow: Proof Reader

Cathy Ryan: Vice President, Supervising Editor

Join us!

We could use some more enthusiastic volunteer writers, editors and photographers. Like living in Hinesburg? Looking for some community involvement? Drop us a line.